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Enjoy your balloons with care for the environment

Where possible, we choose to use 100% latex fully recyclable balloons. All of our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of in the organic waste bin. Please remember to remove all ribbon and additional materials before disposing of the balloons. 

Our ribbon and foil balloons can be recycled and reused. For more inspiration on how to make the best of your foil balloons click here.

Keep balloons fun! Be responsible!

When handling balloons, always remember:

  • Never release balloons into the atmosphere. (click here for more information on why you should never release balloons)

  • Never inhale helium gas.

  • Always use a balloon pump to inflate your balloons.

  • Always secure helium-filled balloons with a weight.

  • When you're done enjoying your balloons, cut the ends and properly dispose.

  • Keep children safe when playing with balloons and dispose any deflated or popped balloons right away.

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