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Garlands and Arches

Something Special

Balloon Garland

Exclusive Range

Looking for something worthy of Instagram? A stand out piece to take your event to the next level? Look no further than our exclusive range of garlands and arches. Each colour is custom created based on your requirements. This means we can create those subtle, matte, oh-so-on-trend finishes made famous by the likes of The Kardashians famous soirées.

Each colour is created by matching two colours together, one inside the other. We do this by hand with lots of time and love! We then create a beautiful garland and finish by adding fresh or artificial flowers and plenty of small details.

For a display you just can't stop looking at.

Personalised Boards

Celebrating a specific occasion? We can create a custom backdrop or board with your choice of message. Include images, pictures, text or numbers to match your chosen theme. Add your garland to the backdrop and you are ready to go.



Garlands come in all shapes and sizes with all number of additional details. Create a garland for a baby shower, a hen do, a birthday party, a sleepover, a welcome home party- the possibilities are endless. We can work to all budgets and themes.

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