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Custom Gifts

Personalised Messages



Surprise is the greatest gift life can grant us..

Create the perfect surprise with our balloon gift box. Completely customisable, add the recipient's name, a special message or a cute picture to the outside of the box and wrap with your choice of coloured bow.

(From +5€ for customised vinyl)


Without a box

Various weights available depending on the overall effect. Small bubble weights, shiny foil weights, giant bubble flower weights, the list goes on! 

(From +3€)


Choose your font

only available in black

Font 1

Font 2

Font 3

Font 4

Choose your Balloon

cristal clearz transparent bubble balloo
1. Clear Bubble Balloon 18"
2. Pink Bubble Balloon 18"
Pink Bubble balloon.jpg
3. Other Bubble Balloon Colours available on request *2 week lead time may apply
mixed bubbles.jpg
Coloured round balloon.jpg
4. 36/ 24"inch coloured balloon.

Choose your filling

Choose your tail

bubble pastel tassel.jpg
1. Singular tassel (+5€)
2. Full tassel tail (+10€)
balloon tail hearts.jpg
3. Heart tail (+5€)
4. Blue Star tail (+5€)
Tahnee bespoke Balloon.HEIC
blue star tail.jpg
5. Satin Ribbon tail with bow (+2€)
Pink Satin Ribbon.JPG

Design your custom balloon here...

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