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BLN Lockdown Heroes #3..... Those finishing touches

No Ibiza party would be complete without those final touches, and of course the set up behind the scenes that makes it all magically come together. Next up we have listed our favourite Ibiza party specialists that will take your event to the next level...

5 Must Haves for an Ibiza party

  1. Balloons - BLN (of course!)

  2. A celebration cake - Katies Kitchen

  3. Sound & lighting equipment - Pop Up Party Ibiza

  4. Tasty food - Crisp Catering

  5. Fun entertainment- for kids and adults - White Rabbit Ibiza

The list can go on and on to plan an amazing party here in Ibiza, and really- the sky is the limit. We hope that one day not too far away we can get back to normal and fill our dance floors again, until that time, we have a great community of local business's to keep our "socially distanced party" game strong through these strange times.

If you have any party suggestions or know about some local businesses doing something special that we should all know about, please go ahead and comment below...we would love to hear about it.


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