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BLN Balloons Ibiza- Lockdown Heroes #2.....Top 5 Resident DJ's

In this series of blogs, BLN Balloons Ibiza are celebrating some of the fantastic local talent on Ibiza. Being in the Ibiza party industry ourselves, we are lucky enough to meet some truly talented people who in turn have created some pretty amazing companies here in Ibiza. The people and companies mentioned in this blog are here because they have come to our rescue time and time again throughout the lockdown period earlier this year. Finding ways of continuing to bring the party to us, even when we were trapped in our living rooms. The world since the Corona Virus lockdown has changed, and so has the way that we celebrate and get together.

What's an Ibiza event without the music?!

Last month on our #BLNlockdownheroes blog we brought you our top drinks services on the Island. So without further ado, here is the second in the series of Lockdown Heroes, where we talk about that one thing that you really have to have at any party..... the music! Whether its an Ibiza wedding, hen party or birthday party- you got to have the right music.

Music is always the answer! Luckily, Ibiza is home to some pretty amazing music makers who, throughout the lockdown period, have been spoiling us with Facebook live sets and Zoom parties. Whether you would prefer to have them live stream a set into your living room, or come and DJ at your birthday party, the local resident DJ's are ready to roll. There are way too many talented DJs in Ibiza for us to list them all, but here are our top 5.

Our top 5 Ibiza resident DJs

  1. Joshua

  2. Tom Grimes

  3. Smythy

  4. Andy Baxter

  5. Santanna

We could go on and on with more and more talented DJ's here on the island. If you are a DJ here in Ibiza, or if you know of any that deserve a shout out, we would love to hear about them in the comments section.

One last thing, We are giving away a free party planning checklist with every mailing list subscription and you will be kept up to date with our Ibiza balloon event news, offers and discounts. You can find the subscription box below this blog at the bottom of the page.



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