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Life after lockdown...time to party!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Balloon ceiling Ibiza
Ibiza Party after Lockdown

In this series of blogs we will be sharing our list of "Go To" island specialists that have been bringing the party in Ibiza throughout lockdown, and who should be top of your list for any post lockdown celebrations. We are always available to deliver party balloons in Ibiza or create balloon decorations for your event, read on for the first in this series of #BLNlockdownheroes.

After the strangest start to a Summer that Ibiza has seen in, well... ever! There is an air of excitement. People are beginning to return to the streets, bars and restaurants and they are starting to meet up. Currently in Ibiza we are allowed to meet in groups of 15 people, and as we work our way through the "phases" we will slowly be able to congregate in larger groups. Always adhering to the laws and guidelines of course.

Zoom birthday parties have become the norm, and online pub quizzes have turned into our go to party time. We have been tuning in to Facebook live DJ sets and dancing around the living room, while waiting for our cocktail deliveries to arrive. In typical Ibiza fashion, the party must go on! Here there was a will, which meant there was always a way. But now. Now, we can actually get back together. Even if it is in smaller groups to begin with, but the point is- we can now party- for REAL!

So how do you go about arranging a birthday party in Ibiza? Is there anyone even here and open for business that can help you scratch that itch? The lockdown has meant everyone on the island has really come together as a unit and got creative. This means that no matter what phase of returning to normal we are at, there are local business's and companies that can help. The numbers are limited to how many people you can have together at any one time, and how close you can be to one another, so these Ibiza party specialists have come up with ways to ensure that no rules are broken, or no extra headcount is required to bring you the party you deserve.

First up.. our Top 5 drinks services in Ibiza. Let's be honest, no party is complete without the drinks. Whether its refreshing cocktails, non alcoholic healthy juices or a sophisticated wine list- drinks feature heavily when you are throwing a party in ibiza. See below for our favourite drinks services that have been keeping the island going throughout lockdown, and who are ready to go with delivery services and set ups that go along with the "new normal".

  1. Nomad Ibiza

  2. Project Social

  3. Southside Bars

  4. SOMM

  5. Vino&Co

Ibiza Drinks services

In the next BLN Balloons Ibiza blog we will be listing our favourite on-island resident DJ's. we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

If you have any party suggestions or know about some local businesses doing something special that we should all know about, please go ahead and comment below...we would love to hear about it.

Louise x

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