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Nice to meet you...

Wow, this is scary! Isn't that funny- facing a blank screen on my computer and feeling scared! You might have guessed this is the first BLN Balloons Ibiza blog. My name is Louise and I am the co- creator of BLN. I live on the beautiful island of Ibiza with my Fiancé Michael, my 18 month old son Dylan & my dog Floyd. Since starting a new life here 6 years ago an awful lot has happened, which has changed my life- Ibiza seems to have a habit of that! I thought it might be nice to explain a little about my story and how BLN began...

I moved here after living in London for a long time. I absolutely loved living there but it was time for a change, and that change came in the shape of Taste Ibiza. Taste Ibiza is a concierge company based here in Ibiza. It is owned and run by Roy & Juliette Burdett, who I had previously worked for in Ibiza during the summer seasons of my early 20's (that is another story for another time) In the time I had been away, they had started Taste Ibiza, and it had grown to the point that they needed an extra pair of hands to help them with event planning. So I convinced one of my best friends Rianna to come with me, we packed our bags and made the move to Ibiza. Rianna and I both worked for the Summer and spent the winter in Dubai. After my time there working for the famous Blue Marlin Ibiza beach club, I decided that Ibiza was where I belonged.

This was when I discovered my love for organising parties and events. Watching the day unfold and come together gave me such a buzz and an amazing feeling of satisfaction that I had never experienced before. This lead me to also working for Ruth Alexander Weddings, which allowed me to work on some of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. It was while working with wedding and event clients that I started to realise there was a trend for balloons. I was getting lots of enquiries for balloons for all different types of occasions, but it wasn't until my Dad made the move to Ibiza that things started to fit into place.

Father & Daughter at a festival
The BLN family! Me & my Dad Bob

My Dad, Bob, was retiring and was fed up of the weather in the UK and felt that he needed a fresh start. He already knew quite a lot of people here on the Island from visiting me and he decided to make the move. Everyone was so shocked that he actually went through with it, I was, and still am very proud of him for having the balls to start again in a new country. What a guy! Although Dad was retired, he isn't the type of person to be able to sit back and relax (*eye roll!) So he started to think of things that he could do to keep him busy here in Ibiza. One weekend I was on the phone to my dad and he was visiting some of his best friends in the UK at their party shop- Party Angels. Party Angels creates balloon displays and sells all sorts of party set up from dressing up outfits to party poppers.We joked that they should move to Ibiza and set up a balloon store and that was when Dad had his Eureka moment. After that, Bob went on to do a balloon training course in the UK and then headed to Ibiza to start BLN with me.

So that is our story in a nutshell! We are a small outfit, but always looking to grow and learn. There are some pretty amazing designs and displays being created throughout the world nowadays with balloons, and we aim to be up amongst them. So, please do get in touch with and suggestions, questions or thoughts- we would love to hear from you.

Louise x

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