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Since starting BLN Balloons Ibiza, I spend a LOT of time on social media. That mainly consists of pawing through Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspiration for my BLN Ibiza balloons set ups. And let me tell you; there are some pretty outstanding party set ups, displays and designs out there, being created by some very talented balloon decorators.

Since dipping my toe into the pool of balloon decorating, it has become pretty obvious to me that nowadays, balloon displays are so much more than a splash of colour at a kids party. The balloon set ups that are now gracing newsfeeds throughout The Globe are pieces of art in their own right.

Some of my favourite displays by the people who inspire me- Bubblegum Balloons, Balloons By Dina and Elari Events.

Companies from all over the World are creating the most beautiful, outstanding and darn right ground breaking balloon displays and providing the rest of us mere mortals with some very special inspiration. Whether its for a new product launch or a first birthday party, there are themes styles and backdrops to go with everything. From personalised bubble balloons to pastel balloon walls, to garlands that scale the side of a building (no- really!)… Here are some of our favourite OTT set ups…

Balloon Ceilings

A fail safe way to turn your average joe ceiling into a full feature. Balloon ceilings create an instant festive vibe and turn any space into the place to be. Tassels, glitter and special themed shapes can be added for extra WOW!

Oversized garlands

Perfect for elaborate hallways, entrances or to create an unmissable feature for a product launch, special event or wedding. Bubblegum Balloons in the UK do this with style and ease. They are our biggest inspiration, check out the link for some of their amazing work.

Feature Tables

When Instagram is everythiiiing! Get those sought after pinterest/instagrammable images by teaming up your balloon display with a desert or feature table. Backdrops add the personal touch and create a focal point for the party.

Complete balloon party set ups

When Balloons ARE the theme. Made famous by the likes of the Malika Haqq and the Kardashians, the full shebang comes in the way of balloon arches, walls, garlands and backdrops all designed in the theme of your party. For those who live by the mantra- too much is never enough!

Balloon and Paper for Mindy Weiss Party Consultants- Malika Haqq's baby shower

We would love nothing more than to create some of these epic unforgettable balloon displays. So if you are of the same "More is More" mindset as us, please do get in touch.

Louise x

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