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Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before confirming your order

Any questions or queries please let us know!


Orders must be confirmed in writing either by email, WhatsApp or social media. Please check the details of your order thoroughly. Orders are not confirmed until a 20% deposit has been received (unless otherwise agreed in writing)  This fee is non- refundable. Balances are due 1 week prior to the delivery/ collection date.


When making deposit payments please use your name as a reference.

When placing your order, please consider the weather at the time of year and the location of your display: outside/ inside/ in a garden with lots of sharp plants etc etc. Please ask us if you are unsure?

Displays created from photos or pictures of other peoples work will be our interpretation of the requested display and not a replica or exact copy. There are many different types colours and tones of balloons available and also many different filters are applied to various platforms on screen and although we will try our best to match any requests, we cannot guarantee exact matches. 

Weather Conditions

By signing these terms and conditions you agree to take responsibility for the storage and display conditions of the balloons once delivered. Heat can affect the balloons, causing the helium to expand and the balloons to pop. Helium balloons must be kept as cool as possible to ensure the maximum float time. The location of the display is the responsibility and final choice of the client and any associated problems caused by this are the responsibility of the client.


Float Times

BLN will take every care when installing displays and will also recommend the best way to make the balloons last as long as possible. We take every step to make your balloons last as long as possible by using high quality suppliers balloons and helium. (we use Qualatex and Amscan manufacturers and we use High-Float in all of our helium filled latex balloons to maximise float life)

Changes & Cancellations

We will endeavour to meet any requests to change designs, timings and delivery details where possible, however we do reserve the right to refuse changes made within one week of the delivery/ collection time due to stock or prior conflicting bookings. If amendments affect the cost of the order or delivery charge then the balance will be adjusted accordingly. Deadline for any change requests is 48 hours before collection/delivery time. 

We reserve the right to make amendments or changes to designs based on weather or conditions to ensure the best possible display.


Cancellations made before one week of delivery/collection time will be liable for 10% of the total booking with a minimum charge of 10€. Cancellations made within one week before time of delivery/collection will be liable to 20% of the total cost of booking. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the time of collection/ delivery are liable for 100% payment of the order excluding delivery costs. 

Delivery must be confirmed at time of booking and different prices apply depending on the location of the delivery and the size of the order. The amount for delivery will be agreed at the time of order confirmation. a valid GPS co ordination or location pin MUST be provided for delivery, along with photos of gates or landmarks/ gate codes or any other access details needed for easy location and access of the delivery address.  Address's will not be accepted.  We require direct and easy access to the set up areas, including clear pathways and vehicle access for larger displays. We are unable to deliver to villas that are located in difficult to reach locations. These include villas or venues at the end of narrow or very bumpy country pathways or roads. When delivering large displays we use a big van which requires road space large enough to reach our destinations. We reserve the right to refuse delivery at the last minute due to this reason with full charge to the client. If you have any concerns that your destination is not accessible, this must be pre addressed. Delivery required before 09:30am or after 07:00pm will incur an additional fee and must be pre agreed.


Every care will be taken when installing set ups on our clients property. If we suspect that damage may occur we will advise the client of our concerns. If, after being advised by BLN of potential damage, the client still wishes to proceed, any damage is the liability of the client. BLN accept no responsibility for any damage which occurs during set ups instructed by the client. e.g. If the client asks/gives us permission to attach adhesive to a wall and the paint is damaged. Or if we are instructed to install a pool set up and the bottom of the pool is damaged.(including but not limited to these examples) 

Collection must be pre agreed at an allocated time and this time must be adhered to. If the collection is early or late we cannot guarantee you will be able to collector order at that time. Please make sure you have adequate room in your car to transport the balloons. When collecting, please park as close as possible to our front door. Carrer Molins De Rei, 8. Santa Eulalia Del Riu 07840.

If there is no one available to confirm they are happy with the display when delivered, we will take photographic proof of set up. By agreeing these terms you agree this is sufficient evidence of the correct set up with no damage.

Collection, Delivery & Installations

Please see our Privacy agreement for full details of usage of date provided on our website. 

In accordance with the current GDPR legislations we we hold minimal information be able to fulfil your order. 

We will contact you only with regard to your order or if we feel you may be interested in any promotions or new products. You have the right at any time to ask us to remove you from our mailing/contact lists and delete all of your personal details.

We reserve the right to use any photos taken by us or provided by the client for our website or social media unless you specifically ask us not to.

By clicking the box below you consent to receiving occasional offers and newsletters from us. If you do not wish to receive such contact please email us at and we can remove you from the list. 

Once collected or delivered, the balloons become the responsibility of the client, and any damage that occurs thereafter is the responsibility of the client. By accepting delivery or collecting your balloon display, you are in agreement that you are happy with the condition and design of your order and that there is no damage. If any replacement balloons are required these will be charged accordingly and provided only if we have the stock and availability.

When collecting a display by hand please take care when walking that the balloons do not come into contact with any sharp edges. Try to keep the balloons out of direct sunlight and as cool as possible.


When collecting a display by car, please ensure that the seats are down and that the air conditioning is on. It is essential that the balloons have enough space when being transported and that they are kept cool. 


Your balloons will be supplied with a protective outer bag. Please remove this at the first available opportunity to ensure maximum float time. 

Store your balloons in an air conditioned room out of direct sunlight for maximum float time.

Transport & Storage


We want you to be 100000% in love with your balloon display! We want you to come back to us for your future occasions. So we will always endeavour to fix any problems that you may have.

Any complaints must be reported directly within 2 hours of delivery/ collection. We will also require full details of the problem and return of the damaged items. 


Accept all terms and conditions

Now let's get your display ready!

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